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You can't paint crap gold and call it gold.

It'll still be crap and smell like it, it happens all the time and you can't change it. One of the industries this happens a lot in (other than politics) is the video game industry, a game will be released way before being ready and will still be touted as a complete masterpiece. Where do we assign the blame though, the developers, managers or artists; who is truly responsible for the reception of the game?

Modern day AAA games are an amalgamation of art and engineering, they become emotional adventures that can take you across the world or into different realms of reality. The amount of work that goes into them is astounding. It can be an insanely involved process to bring a game from idea to conception.

When a product is 'being released' wouldn't you expect it to be pretty much bug-free and stable? Shouldn't a games basic functionality be cemeted by the time it ships? It has been a common occurence for a game to be released in a semi-finished state and patches to be delivered the day of release or in the upcoming weeks.

I'm going to be writing up a series of post about the quality of modern games and the development process over the next few weeks. There has been so much going on in the game development world recently that I could talk about it forever.

Please comment down below if there are any instances of this or topics in general you'd like me to talk about.

You can't paint crap gold and call it gold.
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