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Watch Dogs finally gets release date.

May 27th

Will I still have all of the hype?

I already had a huge amount of hype for the Watch Dogs release, a pseudo modern day Assassins Creed, but now with the actual release date of May 27th, it's going to be hard for me to rebuild all of that hype.

It had already been planned to release back in November, but Ubisoft had decided to delay it indefinitely to polish the game. I'm all for studios deciding to delay a game until it is fully ready (cough SimCity cough), though they are going to have to restart all of the marketing and hype-building all over again.

I don't think this will affect the games sales that much; it's just that a lot of people were already topped off with hype and it had seemed to die down a bit.

I wouldn't doubt that they'll have at least one more 'trailer' or TV-Spot type release and then continue with the usual viral marketing.

Below I have the newly released story trailer for it... ENJOY!

Watch Dogs finally gets release date.
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