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Update on current projects.

I know everyone has missed me! I've had a busy semester in grad school and works been very busy (but I've been loving it).

Thought it would be time on an update of my current projects.


It's a way to view all of the movies/playlists from the Paramount Vault. You can select by playlist and it gets populated with all of the movies under that playlist. Whenever you click on a movie, you can a YouTube embed to watch it and numerous details about the movie including:

  • Release Date
  • Description
  • Cast Listing

The website is currently up and running and needs some design work. Another project for over break!

New York City MVC View

This project uses Cartodb to visualize current MVC data from New York City. I currently have it up on Carto DB's website and am planning to add it to a standalone site for some awesome interactivity. This is definitely going to be a work in progress. Once I get a stable site up, you'll be able to see the progress as it happens. My vision is a fully interactive viewer of MVC data for New York City.

You can see the map below!

Pyum Impsum

A keyword aware LoremIpsum generator

This is keyword/content aware LoremIpsum generator based in Python. You'll be able to supply a keyword and a seed word (if wanted) and it'll return back human-readable (it makes sense) sentence(s).

I currently have it returning the text based on the keyword and am just refining the content-generation and caching. I'll most likely be finishing it over break!

Let's get creating!

Update on current projects.
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