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Upcoming programming projects and ideas

Yes, I know I haven't updated this since Septembers....

Now that I'm settled into my new apartment, I thought this would be a good time to finalize and start a few more programming projects. Not only will it add to my portfolio, but it'll help increase my skills in some languages I know and languages I don't know.

Here's a list of what I'll (hopefully) be completing and starting.

Pyum Ipsum

This is something I've had on GitHub for a while and simply just haven't finished making the front-end to it. It's a keyword based Lorem Ipsum generator. You simply put in a word and it spits back human-readable sentences. It currently only scrapes the Wikipedia article for the word, so I'm hoping to expand that.


This is going to be my first C# project. I'm aiming it to be a sort of Media Manager for Images, Audio and Video files. You can change the tags, convert the format ...etc. There's a huge room to expand here so this one could be a long-term project.

Rasperry Pi

I have one already that's a Retro gamging console using RetroPIE. Now the fun part comes to just figuring out some more ideas for it!

Upcoming programming projects and ideas
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