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The type of people you will find on a CNN Facebook post.

So if you've ever looked at a CNN Facebook post, you'll see a multitude of different types of people. Some can be smart, some can be trolls or spam and some can be something else entirely.

You'll find a list below of the different types of people you'll find in that intellectual melting pot that is a Facebook comments section.

Someone telling you how to make money from home (Spammer)

This person (or robot) is usually just there to spam the comments section. I don't know about you, but my father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate doesn't make $83 an hour. Their profile is usually barren or hacked. As I find more examples of the spammer ones, I'll post them here.

Tin foil hat person. THE GOVERNMENT IS POISONING US!!!

You know that guy, he has a list of different ways the NWO or government is trying to 'get us':

  1. Chem trails left from airplanes are ways to widely disperse governmental science projects.
  2. Fluoride in the water is meant to dumb us down in order for the government to control us.
  3. Trying to convince us that Pat Robertson is actually a human being.

This could relate to the "I dun kno about dat science stuff" person. Who doesn't trust any science AT ALL. Anytime they hear chemicals they think DEATHHHH!!!. It's ok man, I understand I just accidentally ingested a few liters of Hydrogen Monoxide before.

The person that can't take a joke and takes life too seriously.

Really, you didn't get a little chuckle out of the joke? I understand jokes can SOMETIMES be inappropriate, but it is really only a matter of timing and content. I personally think that joking about a sad or serious subject can... in time help relieve the stress that that situations brings.

You can joke around; just don't be an ass about it. Any subject or event or person or thing is open to joking around and ridicule.

Thanks Obama

I have to find an example of this one.

This is a tough one, they could be trolls just playing along with a recent internet joke or could really be that idiotic that Obama had something to do with it. They may also watch a certain news station...

Who cares? X is going on. Gosh CNN, why don't you pay more attention?

These people think that a news organization is going to talk about one story non-stop until it ends. They forget that this is the Facebook page and that other stuff happens in the world. If this was about Justin Beiber, I'd agree with them, but there is also stuff going on in the world. News organizations can talk about a whole range of topics and since this is a social networking site, some of those topics will be on the humorous side.

People asking God for prayers and then assholes making fun of those people asking God for prayers.

I'm not that religious, but if someone wants to publicly say, "I'm praying for their safe return", who cares; if that's what they want to do then let them. You don't need to be an asshole and then come back and say "TROLOLO LIKE THAT'LL DO ANY GOOD".

The type of people you will find on a CNN Facebook post.
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