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That one time a code comment was useful /s

I just finished up a project where I was re-ordering how tools showed up while creating a class in Sakai. I was at the part where I was tracing the logic back from a particular method and always ended up in a dark black hole.

I then noticed that above the first method I looked at, there was this magical string, a glistening concatenation of characters that sang from the heavens.

This code just pretty much reads up values from tools.properties.

So instead of wasting time going through the code method by method, I just checked the comments,changed that file, made a few changes and BADA BOOM, my problem was fixed!

Always, always, always comment your code. Even if it is something as simply as what's above, comments in your code will not only help future developers, but probably even yourself when you come back to the code after a hiatus.

That one time a code comment was useful /s
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