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Retro gaming console part 1. Taking apart the old Macintosh SE

So in one my more recent posts I had the honor of becoming the new owner of a Machintosh SE Personal Computer.

My goal is to make it a retro gaming console complete with a multitude of games, a screen & speakers. I'm probably going to be putting in a RasberryPi or an Intel NUC. Before I can do any of that, I have to get the beast apart.

Getting the shell off.

This was probably the most annoying part as I had to by a very long and skinny flathead screwdriver just to take it apart. It was held together by four screws, two of which were recessed very far back in the handle.

But once I got those out it was very easy. The whole back of the Macintosh slid out.

Finally getting to the innards

The monitor

For those members of my audience who do not know what that behemoth of technology is, it is an old CRT monitor. All of the different components at the end of it are the magnets/capacitors & circuitry needed to power it. Don't fuck with these monitors, powered or even off, these can hurt you if you try to take it apart.

The circuitry

Here we see the Apple logo and serial number for the computer.

Some of the circuitry including a few resistors and capacitors and logic cicutits to help translate power from the PSU to the main board and monitor.

A better view of some of the components

Here we see the main board that powers and sends signal to the CRT monitor. The pins from the capacitor and vacuum tube plug into this part.

A better view of the vacuum tube on the monitor.

The monitor!

The motherboard

Here we see a top down view of the motherboard. As you can tell, it looks a little different from a modern day Mobo. The long rectangular chip on the left side is actually the CPU, a monster 8MHz Motorola 68000.

The 4 different cards we see on the left of the board are actually the RAM sticks. The system itself can carry a whopping total of 4MB. Those sticks might be either 1MB or 256KB each.

Better view of the different components.

Floppy Drives!

Power supply

One of the largest capacitors I've seen.

What's next

Once I give the case a nice cleanin I'm going to have to find a 6-7 inch screen that will somehow be mounted inside the case. I'll also have to settle on either a RasberryPI or Intel NUC to power it. Either way, this is going to be one fun project.

Retro gaming console part 1. Taking apart the old Macintosh SE
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