/ Programming

Programming in gif form.

A list of gifs accompying their respective action/emotion while programming.

The code you've been working on finally compiles AND works.

These two are HILLARIOUS. Look up the morning news show in Austrailia

The code you've been working on finally compiles BUT doesn't work.

That working code gets deployed to production BUT breaks it.

Watching a user break something you wrote.

and trying to imagine WTF they were thinking...

When the project requirements get changed right before you are finished.

When you need to hotfix something at 5pm on Friday

Watching the person you've been mentoring figure out a hard problem all by themselves.

Getting the OK to use 'that new api' or getting new hardware

Looking at code you haven't touched in a long time AND looking at really crappy code.

Changing CSS & changing one tiny thing in code and everything breaks.

Programming in gif form.
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