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Plex: The ultimate media solution

With the availability of cheap harddrives and downloadable media (legally of course) people now have the ability to amass a respectable amount of digital media. This collection can range from freshly released TV shows and movies to an unholy amount of music and pictures.

Chances are you already have this stored on your local computer, but wouldn't you want the ability to have access to it on any computer within your home network AND access to it wherever you are travelling?

Plex Media Server is the solution to that problem.

Plex is a media server that can live on your computer (or standalone server) and manages your digital library. You tell it where your movies, TV Shows, music and images live and it will amazingly index and catalog each and every one of them. It organizes it and gives you almost complete control on how the information is presented to you and playback quality.

Not only does it host your media, it also has the ability to transcode it for you too. You can play it directly in the browser or app, or if needed, have it transcode the audio and video to a playable format. Of course, you can tweak the bit rate, compression and transcoding quality all within the settings menu.

Once you get your library going, Plex will probably be the last media solution that you’ll ever need. Watch it on your phone or laptop halfway across the world, it’s up to you.

I'll be going more in depth about different areas of Plex over the next few days! So be sure to check back!

Plex: The ultimate media solution
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