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Please remember to clean out your computer.

So after a fun winter of use I finally decided to clean out my computer. HOLY DUSTBALLS BATMAN.

I ended up taking out and cleaning each of the 8 fans in my box and it took 2 compressed air canisters and a few static wipes to get everything clean. It is now finally nice and shiny.

I also ended up taking out 2 fans from my H100 push/pull config and now it is only push. It is almost silent now and still keeps my CPU idling at 40*C on the lowest setting for my fan.

At load, it is still dead quiet and never gets too high (40-55*C depending on the game or VM/dev configuration)

You don't need to do it every month, but a good cleaning every once in a while will help keep your system clean, healthy and may even improve performance. You may also find something broken or even gain new ideas for configuration.

Please remember to clean out your computer.
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