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Change Log

So this site is gonna be going through a LOT of changes. I'll try and mark down everything here.

If there are any feature requests, please mark them down in the comments below and/or email me!

Upcoming Changes

  • Integrate the times that the certain permits are available for each lot. This is going to hard since Rutgers really doesn't have a clear source of information for all of this information. Most of it is there, but a good amount of it is incomplete. If you know of wrong/better information please email me.

  • On screen directions to your destination.

  • Get the times for each permit type. As in the first bullet, this part is going to be a bit hard. While there is some definite information available for some of the lots, I want to make sure that I have some kind of information for everything so as to not kill the rest of the information.

Version 2

This version is going to be a little different than the normal ParkRU because it is going to allow you to dynamically change the distance for eligible parking lots. I'll be using CartoDB for the searching and visualization.

I have put the site in an iframe below so you can quickly see how it looks/functions. For optimal performance, please go to the ParkRU main site.

Park RU
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