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New RAID Array for Desktop

So my good friend Anton sold me 2 two Western Digital 1TB Enterprise drives and I've decided to put them to good use.

I already have a 256GB SSD for the OS and important programs and games and a 1TB data-drive that has most of the games and media files. If I play a game a lot (aka the main game I'm playing) then it'll go on the SSD. Since it's not that large and I want to keep at least 20-30gb free, I try to be conservative with what I put on it.

I setup the drives in a RAID 0 array using the available Marvell Storage Controller drivers. Since the drive will carry mostly games and just local copies of some of my media (Documents, Music ...etc) the read speed is going to be amazing. It'll be a huge boost in speed since I'll have two heads reading instead of one.

Yes, yes I know... BUT RAID 0 IS SCARY, RAID 0 ISN'T REDUNDANT, RAID 0 IS DANGEROUS, doesn't matter here. The volume is simply storing games which can be easily downloaded again and all of the libraries are stored on OneDrive which again, can be easily downloaded once the array is fixed.

Once everything is set, I'll run some benchmarks compared to my single disk to measure the differences.

New RAID Array for Desktop
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