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My Titanfall expectations

So Titanfall is coming out on March 11th and so far, it looks pretty nice. It's almost like Call of Duty had a love-child with Mechwarrior that has ADD. IMHO, it looks much better than CoD (I'm not a hater, just an observation) and the gameplay looks like it'll be a LOT of fun to play with.

When I was playing the beta a few weeks ago, it did not take me long to get a feel for the game. It is extremely fast-paced and VERY fun to play. The parkour type movement of the pilots and the abilites/weapons work perfectly together and the intricate gameplay with the Titans make it feel very smooth. There are very few parts in the game where it slows down.

There is NOT going to be the usual singleplayer style campaign, they will somehow be incorporating the campaign into the multiplayer aspect of the game. I'm excitied to see how they do this as it looks to be a refreshing new game style to the FPS genre.

When it releases next week, I'll be sure to post my first thoughts on it.

Enjoy the gameplay trailer below!

And the launch trailer here!

My Titanfall expectations
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