My name is William Karavites.


I'm currently a Software Engineering Senior @ Lockheed Martin. I also graduated from Rutgers University's Graduate School with a Masters of Business & Science from the Professional Science Masters program. My undergrad was also at Rutgers and was a B.A. in Information Technology & Informatics and a minor in Political Science. I was lucky enough to study for a semester abroad at Exeter University in England.

I'm a lover of the outdoors/travelling and a Boy Scout. Not the kind that sells crappy popcorn, the kind that helps old people cross the street and goes camping. I've been lucky enough to have travelled all over Europe multiple times and love really assimilating into a culture so you can experience new things.

I won't get into politics or religion unless you ask me....or there's alcohol involved.

I'm nice and outgoing.

I'm a computer nerd and like food and beer.

I like making computers and then making things with those computers. I love making applications and programs that can possibly make people’s lives easier. If someone can benefit from an idea, I will make something to fulfill that need.

If it is edible or spicy chances are I will try it. Except Paan.....that stuff is gross.

Also, beer is good. Whiskey too.

If you REALLY want to know more about me:

My resume can be found below.

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