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How our team handles online work.

So for our Software Engineering class, we only meet once a week. That isn't nearly enough time to figure out project specifications, work or generally do anything together. You need to meet or talk with your group many more times to even have a chance at a successful project.

So how do we solve that?

  • Facebook Group Chat- We've been using this for quick messages between group members.

  • Email- Email has been our main form of communication between group members when dealing with the project. We can put much more detailed into these messages and send our work.

  • Office 365- We've been using Office 365 through my subscription to edit documents online. I created a special folder within my OneDrive that holds all of our group documents. For the project specific documents, we've been using Microsoft Word as our main writing program. For group members that don't have an Office365 compatible Word, they use the amazing online collaboration functionality where multiple people can work on a document at the same time. Since it is through my subscription, I just use the desktop version of Word and sometimes handle some of the more format heavy tasks.

  • GitHub- You know what GitHub is.... We use it to host our code to better facilitate working on the code together.

With these tools, our group work has been super easy!

How our team handles online work.
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