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Glass In The Classroom: Introdution

The Glassroom...

Use of technology has become more and more prevalent in the classrooms around the world, sorry old-timers, but it is here to stay. From teachers using laptops & iClickers to video conferencing, technology is going to change education forever by introducing new avenues to learning.

While I will be writing about using other technologies in the classroom I am here to talk about using a particular tool in the classroom, Google Glass.

Glass is one of the first big wearable tech tools to make it to the commercial world. It is currently on an invite basis to get it, but I am sure that after a period of testing and QA, it will be released commercially. The current period of testing for select users has allowed teachers and professors to introduce this new technology into the classroom. This testing period will allow Google to iron the kinks in the software & to also find new and exciting ways to use it.

It will take some time until Glass or wearable tech in general has a firm place in the classroom, there needs to be testing, use-case analysis and overall acceptance. Until then, we will need to rely on theory and the professors/teachers testing out ways to use it.

There is a seperate post detailing these different ways of using Glass in the classroom.

Glass In The Classroom: Introdution
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