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Time for a personal story

I recently had to restore some files for a professor that deleted them(I still think we should get rid of the delete button). I had created a tool in java that would:

  • Import CSV file with file name and file location on the NetAPP server.
  • SCP them to your local computer, OR directly webdav them to the to the Sakai site.

Since I had created this tool myself, I knew how to use ever part of it. The one thing I forgot how to do was how to generate the CSV file with all of the needed information. The person who would normally help me with this was currently in a meeting and out of the goodness of my heart, I just needed to help this professor ASAP.

I tried to figure it out myself but alas, thy goals did not come to fruition. Google Docs then came calling to me, reminding me that a few weeks ago, we had ridden open exactly how to generate the needed CSV file. I had opened up that doc, read the instruction and within a matter of minutes, had the professors documents.

I could have waited for my co-worker to finish the meeting, but I could not sit idle while this professor yearned for her documents (which she somehow deleted herself). Though, since we had documented the procedure, this was not needed.


Not only will it help yourself in case you forget something, it'll also help everyone else in the office. Also, having to go through every single detail of a procedure can sometimes bring out actions that can be improved or deleted entirely

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