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Consolidating Everything

Yes, I know I've been away awhile and you were sad.

I had just moved to Pennsylvania for my new job and was busy saving puppies.

Now that I have time, I've been able to consolidate and work on/not work on some of my projects.

I was originally going to move to AWS and use their S3 static website hosting service, LightSail and Route53. After a bit of back-and-forth of trying to get SSL working on S3/CloudFront and Lightsail, I decided to have a beer and move everything back to DigitalOcean.

AWS became way too complicated for what I needed. Just needed a VPS for this blog and some static website hosting. DigitalOcean is just a much simpler process/UI for a basic website.

I have a single $10 box that more then handles the load for a blog and a few static websites.

Consolidating Everything
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