Computer Broke :(

So after almost 5 years of continuous use, my desktop finally broke. I was playing Mass Effect: Andromeda one night and then the next night it wouldn't start up.

Went through some debugging and found out that the Mobo didn't like anything in the PCI-e slots. I then tried booting it using on-board graphics and it worked. I immediately made sure everything was backed up and started to cry/drink and think up new builds on PcPartPicker.

Then late last week, I tried a few more options and got it to at least display something using the GPU, but then it wouldn't boot past POST.

Then a day after that, it wouldn't boot at all :(

Ordered all the parts over the weekend and will be assembling the new PC this week!

I'll have a separate post on why this new build was a very hard one to design.

Wish me luck!

Computer Broke :(
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