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BitTorrent Sync is Awesome

So if you don't know about it yet, you should look at BitTorrent Sync for syncing your data between devices. It's an awesome program that helps me keep all of my files synced together between my different machines. I currently use it to keep my Development folder sync'd up between my 3 machines.

Work Laptop <-> Home Desktop <-> Personal Laptop

I used to use OneDrive for this purpose but some of the tools in my Sakai project directory had directory names that were too long for OneDrive to handle. It is all based on the bit-torrent protocol and uses a secret key to encrypt your data. You're presented with different options for each machine tool.

  • Read
  • Write
  • Read/Write

As long as >two machines are on at the same data, the newer data will be synced between the two. Turn a third on and EACH machine will send the synced data to the other. The more machines sharing the data (simplified explanation) the faster the shares will go.

Some more use-cases can be found here.

I definitely recommend it for anyone working with data that needs to be available across multiple computers.

BitTorrent Sync is Awesome
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