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Why people might hypothetically, possibly, theoretically pirate stuff.

The new show Black Sails looks amazingly awesome. Finally, a pirate show that isn't just people screaming 'ARGGGGGG', full of peg legs and parrots. It is EXTREMELY well made, the sets are amazing and complimented with the great acting and costumes, this is turning out to be an amazing new show. The show really makes you feel like you're in the Caribbean, plundering away.

This oatmeal comic also explains my point perfectly.


I was able to watch the pilot episode on Amazon and absolutely LOVED it. I couldn't wait to continue to watch it! Too bad it is only available if you have a Starz subscription though...

I want to officially support shows I like, through watching it on TV or through online distribution. Official channels allow me to be counted towards the viewer count and can sometimes directly money towards the show. Watching a show along with everyone else allows me to contribute to discussion about the show and provide feedback.

We just need to sit down.... and talk about it.

I have no problem at all paying per season to watch a show I like, none at all. What I am NOT going to do is pay for a channel subscription (HBO,STARZ..) JUST to watch one show a year. It is a waste of my money and not worth it at all. I just wish the channel execs would put the show on online distributions systems that don't suck and actually put them online for other people, DURING THE SHOW. Now I have to wait months to be able to watch something I would have gladly paid for in the past.

Is there a torrent available for this show? Yes.

Is it HD? Yes.

Could I download it and watch it now? Yes.

Will I? No. As I said before, I want to official support shows I like.

I'm just angry

Game of Thrones is starting up soon and it is the one of the most watched shows out there now. It is also one of, if not the most pirated show out there. Why is this the most pirated show? People want to be able to watch the show with everyone else, without paying out of the you know what for a channel subscription. I know countless people that use someone else’s HBO GO login in or pirate it the day after. Of course there are people that will NEVER pay to buy the show, but I wouldn't doubt that the people that would pay for access to the show greatly outnumber the latter.

I just want to be able to watch the shows I like when I can at my leisure. I'd gladly pay to watch them, but of course, that doesn't fit the TV companies 'current model'.

Sometimes, I just wish I could go full Tyrion on the ISP and cable providers

Quick Addition:

I like the show Grimm, I couldn't watch it this year because of class and other things. Why do I like Grimm? Because I can rent/buy it an Amazon for free and for about $1.89 an episode. The show is also awesome.

The discussion of the availability of shows online, DRM, ISP's could be a whole other conversation. I'll talk about that later, until then I'm just gonna wait until the shows I like are available online.

Why people might hypothetically, possibly, theoretically pirate stuff.
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