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Some tools we use.

So the project is at a mature enough stage that we should re-list and go over the tools we use.

Since I am mainly doing some website development and formatting/work with the reports, I'll be concentrating on which tools/applications I've been using.

BitTorrent Sync

When we first started working on creating the website we used BitTorrent Sync to sync/share the code. This allowed us to easily sync up different bits of work between all of us. We have since moved to GitHub because the project is at a more mature stage and GitHub gives us a much clearer workflow (plus, we're required to do it for class :P).


GitHub is now our main repository for project code, information & documentation.

Website Hosting

We currently host the website on my own Digital Ocean server. It is currently sitting in it's own sub-directory under my personal site. Perhaps if the site reaches a high enough usage, we will move it to its own domain.

Some tools we use.
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